Sponsorship Opportunities

Leadership DeKalb offers select businesses and organizations sponsorship opportunities for our growing and successful programs. These sponsorships help underwrite a portion of each program and allow growth into new areas of leadership development for participants. No program planning responsibilities are required of our sponsors. Please contact our executive director or a board member for more information.

Program Schedule

Leadership DeKalb is a nine-session program, beginning in August of each year with Graduation in May.

“Leadership programs are an essential part of any growing and emerging region. Leadership DeKalb is vested in improving the lives of area citizens, moving the local economy forward and serving those in need. The commonality of DeKalb is anything but and our differences can serve to unite in the advancement of DeKalb. Pressing for and expecting excellence in all we do is an attainable goal, not a hope or ‘maybe one day’ dream.” – Jason Harper, Chairman
“Leadership Dekalb was a one of a kind experience.  It was a very rewarding and eye opening journey.  I learned much about the great people in our County, and how their contributions enhance our daily lives.  It was a highly enjoyable experience, filled with great speakers and productive challenges.” – Jenna Sue Payne, Sand Mountain Broadcasting, Class of 2014-2015

“As someone born and raised outside of DeKalb County, I can say without a doubt that the Leadership DeKalb County Program opened my eyes to so much this area has to offer. From thriving tourism and industry to caring government officials and a strong education system, our group was able to experience so many facets of the county. I met new people throughout the program and forged valuable relationships that I hope will continue to grow. I would encourage anyone who wants to lead better, connect with others, and improve our area to participate in Leadership DeKalb County.” – Bryon Miller, Northeast Alabama Community College, Class of 2014-2015

“Leadership DeKalb is a tremendous organization that educates individuals on how to be better leaders for the people they serve.  I enjoyed my time in the program by making new friends and learning so much about DeKalb County.  The valuable lesson I learned during my time with Leadership DeKalb was that good leadership means looking forward and preparing for the future: Today, we educate the leaders for tomorrow.” – Nick Jones, City of Rainsville, Class of 2014-2015

Purpose & Goals

  • To bring participants and current leaders together to discuss the present and future direction of DeKalb County.
  • To examine programs, policies and agencies that currently operates in DeKalb County to ensure we are aiming toward excellence.
  • To motivate and prepare participants to develop their leadership skills and achieve their leadership potential.
  • To challenge participants to greater community service through involvement in volunteering roles in DeKalb County organizations and programs.

Our Sponsors