A Community Clean Up Initiative

Student Engagement

Representatives throughout DeKalb County who are participating in Leadership DeKalb will visit each DeKalb County school and present information to fourth grade students on the importance of not littering and recycling.

All fourth grade students will have an opportunity to express through drawing/art what anti-littering looks like to them and include a catchy slogan. Each school will choose two drawings that they feel represent what anti-littering looks and submit those drawings to the representative who presented at their school. Leadership DeKalb will then choose a winner from each school. Winners will receive:

  • School winner $50

  • Winner art laminated and placed throughout their community in local businesses and at their school

Each school is tasked with continuing to promote anti-littering by developing ideas to remind students of ways they can help eliminate litter. You may even have anti-litter days to clean-up around your school.


Community Engagement

Ways the community can get onboard:

  • Businesses could adopt a mile around their business and commit to keeping that space litter free
  • Neighborhoods could work together and have regular clean up days in their neighborhood or community
  • Learn more about recycling by visiting the Recycling Center page
  • Parents and students could commit to keeping their yards litter free

For more ways to help clean up your community visit Alabama Pals.

Mark Your Calendars!

Shred Day | Chemical Disposal | Medication Disposal
April 27
First State Bank, Rainsville

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